Drain Tile

The proper installation of drain tile is critical.  Drain tile is one of those steps in building a new home that most homeowners don’t think about.  It is just as important as the proper installation of shingles and flashing to protect the home from water damage.

* Start with using schedule 35 perforated 4″ pipe

* The holes should be placed down to immediately pick up ground water

* Pipe should go along the side of the concrete footers, not on top of them

* Placing the pipe on the top of the footers allows water to raise 8″ before going into the pipe

* The pipe should have a minimum of 36″ of 1″ gravel  placed over top of it

* Lastly, the gravel should have a mat of straw or special fabric over the gravel prior to back fill.  This will keep the dirt from leaching into the drain tile system.

If these steps are followed, you as a homeowner should never have to be concerned with a wet basement.

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